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Daily Kos: Fred Felleman is the Right Person for Seattle Port Commission

“Fred Felleman is running for the open position 5 seat on the commission. I’ve looked into his history. I think he’s the right person for the job. I support his candidacy. I hope you will too.”
















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I was reminded recently of the significant environmental and economic influence the Port of Seattle has on the public.Every day I see the cargo ships coming and going from Puget Sound.  Every day I see and hear the airliners taking off from Sea-Tac.

The Port of Seattle is a public agency that runs Seattle’s seaport and airport.    It manages two cruise terminals, Fisherman’s Terminal and three recreational marinas and has a variety of real estate holdings.  The Port of Seattle has an impact on about 40 percent of the state of Washington’s economy.

From their website:

MISSION:The Port of Seattle is a public agency that creates jobs by advancing trade and commerce, promoting industrial growth, and stimulating economic development.


Over the next 25 years we will add 100,000 jobs through economic growth led by the Port of Seattle, for a total of 300,000 port-related jobs in the region, while reducing our environmental footprint.(emphasis mine)

It is run by a  five-member commission elected to serve a four-year term.  Who is elected to this commission is important.  I realized this the other day when I saw this leaving Elliot Bay bound for Alaska to look for oil.

Shell’s Polar Explorer

Fred Felleman is running for the open position 5 seat on the commission.

I’ve looked into his history.  I think he’s the right person for the job.  I support his candidacy.  I hope you will too.  Here’s why.He’s a trained fisheries biologist serving as a consultant for environmental organizations for over 25 years as well as local and tribal governments.  Through his actions significant environmental achievements have been realized such as the ban on offshore oil and gas development in Washington State, the establishment of the oil spill prevention tug in Neah Bay, the restoration of Golden Gardens Park and eliminating the discharge of cruise ship waste in Washington to name a few.

He’s been appointed to a variety of committees, including the Port’s Century Agenda Advisory Committee. This depth of experience has equipped him with a broad base of knowledge allowing him to hit the ground running.   His independence from special interest allows him to act on behalf of the broadest public interest.

Follow below for more reasons to support Fred.

Fred Stands For:

Retaining the Port’s goal of becoming greenest and most energy efficient port in the nation after the Seaport Alliance is completed,

Creating living wage, sustainable jobs in partnership with labor leaders,

Maintaining working waterfronts in the face of pressures from gentrification and climate change,

Broad-based public awareness and engagement in all Port decisions,

Clean-up of the Duwamish River and Elliot Bay,

Increased use of solar electricity to power port operations and;

Collaboration with neighbors and stakeholders to assure Port’s long-term viability.

Fred Is Against:

Foss lease for Shell’s arctic exploration fleet

Transpacific Partnership

Disregard for meaningful public process

Gentrification of working waterfront that takes away quality, sustainable jobs

In Fred’s Words:

“I am running for the Seattle Port Commission to ensure the Port reduces its impacts on the climate and local environment while creating sustainable, living wage jobs at the seaport and airport.”

“I am the only candidate who has a 25-year track record of successfully advancing significant environmental protections Washington waters.  And I am the only candidate who has regularly participated in Port Commission meetings over the past decade to collaborate with industry, stakeholders and decision-makers to ensure that the Port develops new lines of business with ecological integrity.My independence from vested interests allows me to apply my expertise for the broadest public benefit.

Rather than catering to industries, like Shell, that are willing to jeopardize our health and our future for short-term profits, I’ll work to support green jobs by ensuring our Port becomes the greenest, most energy efficient port in the nation.

The port’s decision to host Shell’s arctic exploration fleet, reaffirmed for me there’s a need to have an environmental professional on the Commission now more than ever.

That decision was contrary to the region’s values and long-term interests and yet another example of the port’s failing to engage the public in a meaningful fashion.

It has not only strained the Port’s relationship with the public but with the city, county and state as well.  It has also unfortunately resurrected the false dichotomy of jobs versus the environment.

However it is critical to note that those of us who have been saying, Shell No, are also saying Yes to Green Jobs.”

Endorsements:  The list is growing every day.Fred Felleman is Proudly supported by:

King County Democrats • 30th Democratic Legislative District * 45 Democratic Legislative District * Mike Lowry Former Congressman and Governor * Former Mayor Mike McGinn  • Max Vekich Four-term state legislator and labor leader • Marcee Stone-Vekich Chair 34th Democratic LD• Carin Chase Chair 32nd Democratic LD • Ron Sims Former King County Executive • Mike O’Brien Seattle City Councilmember * Nick Licata Seattle City Councilman • Mario Brown Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization • 1st Democratic LD • 31st Democratic LD • Alec Fisken Former Seattle Port Commissioner • Kate Pflaumer Former U.S. Attorney for Western WA • Denis Hayes Founder of Earth Day • Peter Goldman Environmental attorney • Martha Kongsgaard Puget Sound champion • Kay Bullitt Civic Leader * Pete Knutson Owner Loki Fish Company • Larry Phillips King County Councilman • Senator Maralyn Chase • Representative Gerry Pollet • Claudia Newman Henry Land Use Attorney • Micah McCarty Former Chairman, Makah Tribal Council • Alan Durning • BJ Cummings, Duwamish River Cleanup • Paul Loeb Author, Soul of a Citizen • Joe McGimpsey Democratic Activist, Spiritual Leader, Neah Bay,

I hope to have him as a guest speaker at a Seattle & Puget Sound Kos meet up soon, but in the meantime check him out for yourself!  You’ll be glad you did.  And don’t forget to vote on August 4th.

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  1. Fred Felleman is recognized for his research, photography, and advocacy work to conserve and protect the Pacific Northwest’s marine environment. Over the past three decades, Fred has worked with marine conservation organizations, both locally and nationally, as well as local governments and tribes, to protect whale habitat and mitigate threats, particularly from oil spills.

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