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If you would like to join the numerous leaders endorsing Fred for Seattle Port Commissioner, please email us at: fred [at] fredforport[dot] com.

Thank you for your support!


  1. Fred’s the real deal. Good values. Smart.
    The Port would better balance environmental concerns with business if Fred was on the Commission.

  2. Fred,
    So awesome that you are stepping up to run! Let me know how I can help.

  3. Fred for Port! We need environmental leadership at the Port of Seattle and I know Fred will make decisions that support and improve the Seattle community in that role.

  4. While serving several terms as a county commissioner and representing local government on many State advisory committees, I found Fred Felleman to be a valued adviser for local government interests. The public interest was his interest. mike doherty

  5. As a multi-term county commissioner and a member of several State advisory committees, I often worked with Fred in protecting the marine resources of Washington State. He was always prepared and had the best institutional memory in the meeting. His interest was always the public interest. Mike Doherty

  6. Boyce Thorne Miller

    Seattle is lucky to have Fred running for port commissioner! His knowledge and experience on maritime issues run long and deep and span the gamut from local to international. Go Fred!

  7. Dr. Jonathan Frodge

    I have worked with Fred Felleman on water quality and resource issues for over 30 years. Fred has an in-depth understanding of the environmental and economic responsibilities and impacts the activities of the Port have on our region. His knowledge and skills are what we need to take the Port of Seattle into the future while ensuring the economic, employment and environmental vitality of our region.

  8. Finally, authentic, honest leadership for the Port!

  9. We’ve known Fred for almost 20 years through our environmental activities. He has spent many years working to protect our waters and is an expert on marine vessel traffic. You couldn’t ask for a better combination in a Port Commissioner. It’s time our Ports worked to improve our economies and our environment and Fred would be a leader in this effort.

    Linda and RD in Grays Harbor County

  10. Davidya Kasperzyk

    This is a great fit. Fred has a marine science background and a record of pragmatic marine conservation policy. We need an ecologically smart concept for the future of our Port, Puget Sound water and air, and our shared Salish Sea. Make Port decisions transparent, based on ecological and sustainable business criteria!!

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