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Fred Felleman is uniquely qualified to be the next Port of Seattle Commissioner. His proven environmental leadership and years of working with the Port Commission to protect the public interest and create sustainable jobs is unmatched.

Fred Stands For:

  • Developing the Port as a Green Gateway after the Seaport Alliance is completed,
  • Creating living wage, sustainable jobs in partnership with labor and industry leaders,
  • Maintaining working waterfronts in the face of climate change,
  • Broad-based public awareness and engagement in all Port decisions,
  • Clean-up of the Duwamish River and Elliot Bay, and
  • Collaboration with neighbors and stakeholders to assure Port’s long-term viability.

In Fred’s Words:

“I want to be a Seattle Port Commissioner to bring transparency to Port decision-making and to use the Port’s economic engine to drive the demand for clean energy jobs and protect our working waterfront.

I am the only candidate who has regularly attended Port Commission meetings over the past decade to collaborate with industry, stakeholders and decision-makers to ensure that the Port develops new lines of business with ecological integrity. I have a 25-year track record of successfully advancing significant environmental protections for Puget Sound.

My independence from vested interests allows me to apply my expertise for the broadest public benefit as we strive to be the Green Gateway. The recent decision to allow Shell to homeport its arctic exploration fleet prior to seeking public input was wrong both substantively and procedurally. That decision reaffirmed for me the need to have an environmental professional who understands the intricacies of Port operations and sustainable job creation on the Commission to help the port steer a more positive course.

The Port’s decision to give Foss a short-term lease to service Shell’s arctic exploration fleet was contrary to the region’s long-term interests and yet another example of its failing to engage the public in a meaningful fashion.

This has unfortunately resurrected the false dichotomy of jobs versus the environment.

Those of us who have been saying, Shell No, are also saying Yes to Green Jobs.

If elected, I will work to ensure that the Port explores lines of trade that advance the goal of being a Green Gateway in an inclusive, transparent process. This is especially important as the maritime operations of the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma are integrated through the Ports Alliance.

As your Port Commissioner I will ensure that the Port’s due diligence and decision-making address a triple bottom line of economic, environmental, and equitable benefits to King County residents and the Puget Sound environment that ultimately supports us all.

I am a whale biologist and have worked as a marine environmental consultant in Puget Sound since completing my graduate degree in Fisheries at the UW in 1986.  I am a lifelong Democrat and have always worked to advance the public interest.

I would be honored to have your vote, thank you.”


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  1. Fred, Please let me know how I can best help. Chuck

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