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Letter to the Editor: Port candidate Felleman is a true environmentalist

My husband and I sat down for coffee with Fred Felleman, a fellow boater and candidate for the Commission of the Port of Seattle. It was the day after the first Shellno! flotilla.

At the end of a meeting that included penetrating questions about his background, understandings and goals, I was totally in his camp.

He has eight opponents. How is anyone with a pen and a ballot supposed to figure out who to vote for? I certainly am not going to have two-hour conversations with eight other people.

OK, this could be a snow job. I don’t think so. Fred has worked with government agencies, environmental groups, including Friends of the Earth, and tribes to protect our ocean from oil spills and other unsavory human misdeeds. He is a fisheries biologist, and he knows his stuff.

Anyone can claim to be an environmentalist, but Fred is the one with a deep and proven record.

If you are as baffled as most of us islanders when trying to vote, please have a good visit with Fred’s record in the voter’s pamphlet or at fredforport.com.

Think on this: Shell’s contract was voted on and passed by the five-member commission 3-2. If Fred had been one of the votes, Shell would not have been welcome.

— Marnie Jones-Koenig


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