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One More Thing . . .

Thank you for your support throughout my six-month campaign for Seattle Port Commission position 5. Today, I am excited to cast this ballot for myself on behalf of the citizens of King County.

I was honored to win the 9-way primary race by securing 25% of the vote. I’m grateful to have earned the endorsement of 14 labor unions and trade organizations as well as the Stranger, King County Democrats, Washington Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth Action, and the Progressive Voters Guide. I’m proud to also be endorsed by over 20 current and former elected officials and numerous “power women” of King County.

The job of the Port is to create jobs and I will strive to do that while assuring it better serves our workers, communities and environment. I’m dedicated to preserving our working waterfront – essential to middle-class jobs and the soul of King County. With my contributions, the Port will advance from business-as-usual to increased transparency, equity and ecological integrity in all Port decision-making.

I strongly support Terminal 5 but am staunchly anti-Shell. Completing the redevelopment of T-5, one of the West Coast’s premier container terminals, to ensure our global competiveness, and addressing the challenges of our fast-growing airport will be amongst my top priorities. Of similar urgency, we need to provide for the basic human rights of people working at the Port, including bathrooms for truckers as well as fair wages, benefits and opportunities for airport workers.

Much of the public first became aware of the importance of Port Commission decisions after the Port approved a lease to host Shell’s rig that circumvented the normal review process. However, my interest in being on the Port Commission preceded the arrival of Shell’s oilrig to T-5 by over two years. After participating in Port Commission meetings the past 15 years, I applied to serve when a vacancy arose.

The same reasons I sought appointment then hold true today: I want the opportunity to elevate public engagement, reduce our carbon footprint and leverage the Port’s economic and political clout to create the demand for clean energy jobs. I have great confidence in my ability to work with Port partners and other Commissioners to improve how the Port conducts business and create the jobs of our future.

I was able to rise to the challenge of being a first-time candidate in a countywide race due to the widespread financial and political support of hundreds of you, and the remarkable guidance, insight and friendship I have received from my campaign manager Mario Brown and campaign coordinator Amy Trainer.

I look forward to bringing my dedication to the public’s interests, my technical knowledge of Port issues and my history of environmental accomplishments to the Port Commission.

Please help ensure I can – VOTE by November 3rd and encourage all of your friends to do the same.

Thank you,

Fred Felleman

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