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The Stranger Gives Fred its Sole Endorsement!


Commissioner Position No. 5
Fred Felleman

Bill Bryant—a poor man’s Mitt Romney—is leaving the port commission to run for governor, and you know what that means: Jay Inslee will win a second term and someone who isn’t an amoral smarm machine could wind up filling Bryant’s seat on the port. Hooray! Our nine contenders for Position 5 represent some of what we might expect in a port race: a guy backed by Delta, a guy backed by the maritime industry, a labor-union rep who supports coal exports, and more.

As mentioned, the port is a shadowy, greed-driven racket that operates with almost no oversight. What the port commission needs is someone who knows it well enough to change it from the inside out. Fred Felleman could be that guy. He’s a fisheries biologist by training, he has fought for nitty-gritty environmental gains at the port over the last nine years, and he’s the only candidate with good, specific ideas on how to clean up port pollution. Other candidates had some okay ideas, too, like Norman Sigler, who wanted a truth and reconciliation commission to address what’s happened to the Duwamish River in the last 150 years. But the port desperately needs someone who knows enough about its sordid inner workings to call bullshit and stand up to the port staff who run the show. Fred Felleman is that guy. Vote Felleman.

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  1. You got my vote Fred! Next, Mayor. 🙂

  2. You got my vote Fred!!!!

  3. To my Seattle Friends, please conside voting for Fred as Port Commissioner.

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